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Welcommen to our page

This is a officel support site for CowTicket

Site is back online

After a time of I am ready to devolpe on cowticket.
We start with V1.0.0 on fresh where we start on clean codebase. A converter from 5.7 to V1.0.0 so you can use the new. V5.7 will be long supported

V5.7 is out

After a lot of change wee can now say at the version 5.7 is out. This release has change how the system handle group membership. Before the user can only be member of one group. Now users can be member of multiply group. This offer a easy way for you to easy handle access. Maby you have 10 small team and you want to create 10 groups. But what happens when one person is member of two teams? Then you need 11 groups. But now you can just have 10 groups and put members in the groups they need. No mess by access...

V5.4, V5.5 and V5.6 is out

I totaly forgot to tell this version is out. But now it is out and try them :)

Version 5.3 is out

Wee have today fox some bug and append new stuff and are ready to public this release. Some of the bug is in the module system and wee wil try to fix it. Please note it works!!
We are going to make some new stuff and public it as Version 5.4

Version 5.2 is out

The version 5.2 is out. In this release wee have seen a new session table so you can track online visitor. Error log is moved to admin.

Version 5.1 is out

The version V5.1 is out. A couple of fix in mine file creator is fixed (The input string was not proplery escaped so file i used to devolped this tool was not leaved)

Version 5.1

We test the version 5.1 here on this site. More options is append to admin page and couple of more smart wey to handle thinks.
A couple of bug is fixed and we hope soon to give it to you

Version 5.0 is out

We has release the version 5.0 there is a start of a dedicated admin page. This is the only big release :D

Version 4.3 is out

This version change the ajax system. Now you can also use you page controler as ajax controler. The first step to use it is in the ticket view where the comment is show dynamic from a call via Ajax.
In the next day i will decide if wee need more release in the V4.x or wee should begin in V5.x

Version 4.2 is out

When i devolped the version 4.2 I found some bug so this is all ready out now. It have better support of multi language and the user can now select a other language if there is more end one language.

Test of version 4.1

Wee are testing the new version. All look well and works.
Please note you need to se group access page to finde out you can now change category name if you have the access

Final test of V4.0

I has just finish the last thinks of V4.0 width lot of changes.
As you can se at the menu a FAQ item is to find. This is not a part of the code but is a plugin. So now you can letyou plugin append a item on the page. Just now it is only in the menu you can do it.

Error on create ticket

In This test site There happen a error when you create a ticket. This is only in this test version and will be fixed soon.
The final release is nearly done. Tempelate system is vary good and hoppely it is done soon..

Test of version 4.0

Wee test version 4.0 on this site. You will not could see it. It is mostely admin tool there is updated.

V3.4 is now out

This update is a good one where you now can use plugin

V3.3 is now release

This update is huge. So huge wee are up over 1000 news and delete in the code. Wee are now happy to append more to the core so it is perfekt running.

V3.3 is up in test mode in this site

I has decied at V3.3 is ready to be testet on the main site. This mean you can se how it works but the coded is not public yet. If you found any error please say it so it can be fixed.
Hobe you are happy about the new change

V3.2 is now out

We has now testet the V3.2 and feel it is ready to be used. Therefor V3.2 is now out and ready to be used.
Width this release there is append more option to the core system and many more will be out. Wee has a lot to append the core and the next release will offer a better system. Wee hope you will be glad to use this.

V3.1 is now out to be used

We has decided there no longer is needed to test V3.1.
Plase update becuse it defend you can append javascript code in url tag. It is also offer a option to change the front page in the system and no longere as a file.
In the next release (V3.2) There will be a [ b], [ i] and [ u] tag in bbcode system :)

V3.1 is under test in this site

Wee has decided to test our newst ticket system here. If no bug has showing until next monday wee will push it out.
That will say no change will be worked until this will released.

V3.0 is now released

This is good news from us to tell you at the V3.0 is finaly up
After to try many thinks wee decied to not create a hole new system (Like wee end to do) but work width the V2.X code base.
After wee do this the V3.0 was born.
Wee will now work width V3.1 and couple of new tinks should be created.
Wee will se on how to do the admin better so you can controle more thinks!

V2.6 is released

we has released V2.6
No new news in this release but the bug was not fatal. no need to upgrade becuse securyti is the same.

A small start on V3.0

Wee has begin on V3.0 it will not came in this year
But wee want to give us time to create somthing and be sure it work
In this way wee avoid V2.0 - V2.4 history
If you want to test it you can see it here: link
It is not done yet....

Bug in V2.4 found

There was a bug in V2.4 install script thanks to Stengade
I realy dont know why it is in the code becuse i has changed it but still it is pushed to the code in
If someone there has try the same in GitKragen please tell me...

The fails and bugfix should now be fixed!

Width V2.4 the bugs in the V2.1, V2.2 and V2.3 should now be fixed.
The system is ready to be used. But the past error show me it not redy to V3.0 and it can take looong time.
There for the next updates will contains change there will take it there where i can put a lot of new thinks

So use it. it is redy :)

--CowTicket team
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