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What is plugin?

Plugin is a way to extends the core width out change it. It use a event system to listen to events and can use the data to do thinks. It also offer a option to show pages like this page and append tempelate piece to the current main tempelate.

How to upload the plugin?

You need to first get the source. After that you need to upload the folder in "Lib/Ext/Plugin". After that you should see it in the plugin admin page as not installed. Now you should install it and it should work.

How to update the plugin

The standard way is first uninstall the plugin and remove it from "Lib/Ext/Plugin/" and upload the new folder. Go back to plugin admin page and install it.
The plugin can have function to let it self update the files but it is not a option wee offers

Security alert

We have no way to controle what the plugin can do or not. Therefor only install plugin you trust. We do not support plugin there not follow the core.
We work width a plan there do the plugin more secure.

The further of plugin system

The current work but wee need to use the information about it and make it better. Right now the plugin can do what it want and wee can not do any think about it. In main program like mirc client you can make a script to extends it. We looking on do it as that but we need to make test to se how slow it would make the program. More information will came when wee are ready.
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